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Stereo encoder with high separation

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A higher channel separation stereo encoder built with 3 iC’s 4066, 4047, 4013 and 741. It has a filter L, C5 for frequencies higher than 15kHz and an extra audio amplifier built with 741. This stereo encoder has a better design than this stereo encoder circuit but the principles are the same.

Stereo Encoder schematic components:
R1 = R5 = 10K
R2 = R6 = 220K
R3 = R4 = R9 = 47K
R7 = R8 = 4.7K
R10 = 68K
R11 = R12 = 27K
R13 = 2.2K variable
R14 = 20K liniar
C1 = C2 = 1nF
C3 = C4 = C11 = 100nF
C5 = C10 = 10nF
C6 = 470pF
C7 = 100pF
C8 = 68pF
C9 = 10uF
L = 6.8mH
IC1 = 4066
IC2 = 4013
IC3 = 4047
IC4 = 741

Stereo encoder circuit schematic

schematic stereo encoder high separation

4066 datasheet
741 IC
4047 datasheet
4013 datasheet

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